Whether you’re a company already based in China, or a company based outside of China, selling services such as design or luxury car or yacht rental, and looking for Chinese clients, we can assist you in developing a digital strategic plan.


To be recognized on the Chinese market, you need to have an effective online presence. Chinese consumers are very social media oriented and like to get information about Brands on social media platforms before buying a new product. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to cooperate with partners that know very well the Chinese social media landscape.

How can you control the quality and process?

Every week our team will be available to discuss the progress of the project and will send you a detailed report on our work.

What kind of service do we provide?

We provide a full-line services, from social media strategy, development and advertising to promotion and community management. We work with all the platforms of the Chinese digital landscape such as search engines, social networks, new media information channels, video platforms and more.

As you may already know, the social media panorama in China is very different from what you may be used to see in the West.
For instance, the main platforms include:

  • Search engines software such as Baidu (百度), Sogou (搜狗), 360, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Social media platforms like WeChat (微信), Weibo (微博) and QQ.
  •   New news platforms like Toutiao (今日头条) and Zhihu (知乎).
  • Video platforms: comprehensive information platforms (,, new entertainment platforms (Douyin 抖音, Weishi 微视), and live streaming platforms like Kuaishou 快手 and Xiongmao 熊猫 (integrated) and Taobao live streaming 淘宝直播 (live streaming on e-commerce). 
  • Information platforms:, or

Feeling a little dizzy? Don’t worry, our team of experts will help you to select the right platform and develop a strategy to reach your costumers.
We develop marketing strategies especially tailored for the Chinese market. We use a practical, cost effective strategy that produces sales volume.


Marketing & Branding

Cammy is experienced are in bringing Brands to China and setting up thier social media and marketing Plans.
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